Knowing your vendor can be the Difference between Successful securitization of your loans and buying your loans back

  • Your mortgage loans are only as good as the work product of the people who originated, insured and closed it. This means your title insurance companies, title agencies and closing agents and attorneys.
  • Loans that were originated using the service of unscrupulous individuals and or close with erroneous or fraudulent, incomplete title policies and or unmet closing conditions can cause these loans to become excluded from securitized packages which can inflict serious financial consequences to the seller of these securitized loan portfolios.
  • By assuring that the vendors whose work products become the core of your loan portfolio are properly licensed, insured and of good standing, your company can significantly reduce its re-occurring loan fallout and financial vulnerabilities.
  • For most originators, keeping track, of closing agents, attorneys and title agencies insurance & state licensing status can require you to employ an entire vendor compliance department if you at all monitor or verify these items currently.
  • The cost of maintaining these departments can be enormous and the task of monitoring your vendors a significant challenge.

Knowing Your Vendors Inside and Out

  • Ensure Proper Vendor Insurance Coverage
  • Ensure State Licensing
  • Continued Patriot Act Compliance Coverage
  • Continued Prohibited List Compliance
  • Avoid Problematic Vendors Ahead of Time
  • Get the Knowledge You Need In Real Time
  • Protect Against Document Fraud
  • Limit the amount of Securitized Loans that Fall Out of Your Portfolios (buybacks)

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